Prom 2017


So recently I had my prom for the end of secondary school, so I thought I’d make a post about what I wore, appointments, tips and tricks, etc. I’ll also link any relevant items at the bottom of the post.

First of all, the main component of every girl’s prom attire; the dress. My dress specifically, was black with a halter-neck and a wire in the hem to create a wave effect. It was completely plain which you may think is a bit boring, however things got a little bit racy at the back as the dress was completely backless with a slit to just below the knee (Very convenient to pick up while walking!). This combined with the wavy hem gave for an overall glamourous look and, due to the figure-hugging nature of the dress, I would be able to have it shortened to cocktail dress length after prom to get even more wear out of it! Sadly I cannot post an image here for copyright reasons – the shop I bought it from did tell me so I will heed that warning – but you can probably imagine.

Next up, accessories. I went for gold accessories because I usually wear silver with black in my every day outfits and wanted to switch it up a bit. To accentuate the backless portion of the dress, I wore a body chain from Accessorize but backwards so th clasp was hidden by the front of my dress and the more ornate section was across my back. Other than that I wore just some simple gold rings and midi-rings from Primark, as I think bracelets are annoying (not to mention adding a bracelet would be overdoing it).

Hair-wise I had it in the style below and had these gorgeous constellation hair pins in it from eBay, I bought three for each star sign within my family (Cancer for my dad and brother, Leo for me and Libra for my mum). Each pin came in a little sealed bag and was paired with a smaller star pin. I loved them because I thought it was a subtle way to show the astrological aspect of my personality (and my love of it), as well as because they were really cute!! Unfortunately my amazingly forgetful self didn’t take photos of my hairstyle apart from the angled one above… so here’s the pinterest post I showed my lovely stylist! Click on any of the images below for a better view of the product/hairstyle.

For makeup, I actually had it done in Body Shop. It took around an hour and a half and was completely free because they used the testers from the shelves (clean brushes obvi). I had a dark brown/black upper lid and a small amount of gold shimmer beneath the eye to bring out my eye colour. I also had winged eyeliner and a small amount of mascara on the top and bottom lashes to create a doll-like effect. I didn’t use foundation because it tends to wash me out, so I just had a small amount of powder and concealer over my under-eye circles (I had a spray tan so that covered the majority of blemishes).

Once all this was done, then came the actual event. It started in the early evening for my friends and I, as I was hosting the pre-prom gathering at my house, where we had professional photos taken as well as drinks and a couple of snacks. Once we had the photos taken, we went outside and got into our transport to go to the venue.


Now I’m going to bestow some solid wisdom here (sorry in advance for language): prom transport is a bitch. Now you may think that all the appointments for your appearance are much more difficult in the ways of scheduling, but I am telling you now that transportation is just a pain in the butt.

First of all, its hella expensive. A member of our group’s mum actually had a friend who offered us mates-rates (aka friend discount) for a party bus, but even then it cost around £400 – about $527 – which is a helluva lot for teenage girls, most of whom without jobs. Thankfully because there were 13 of us we only had to pay a small amount each, you’d think that was the end of it right?


Two nights before prom my friend’s mum gets a call from the bus company. They had to pull our booking due to a gearbox fault in their only party bus (apparently they specialise in limos???) and there we were, with a prom to attend but without anything to get us there. It took a while (and a lot of companies laughing in our faces for the short notice) but we managed to find a replacement for only £10 extra each. And it was a hot pink party bus. I believe my exact reaction was “ITS SO EXTRA I LOVE IT” because it was! So yeah transport, it’s a burnt piece of celery to deal with.

Actually getting to the venue was a breeze thanks to our head of year, as he told us of delays and traffic causation points en route to the prom. After letting our bus driver know of these, she happily went on an alternative route and we got there in about half an hour (not counting the hour we had on the bus purely for karaoke). After that it’s pretty self-explanatory: we got off of the bus, went into the venue and had a great night. A sweet thing that happened was that the principals actually gave each girl a rose as they went in, which I thought was a nice touch. I had a huge confidence boost once we were in there because people had to do a double take at my appearance! I don’t wear makeup that often so people were surprised by that, not to mention the fact my dress was backless and a sexier style than I usually put out.

So that was my prom night! If you’re reading this and you haven’t been to prom yet then I can definitely recommend that you go because even if you don’t like partying very much (like me), you’ll still have a wonderful time.

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10 Facts About Me

Hello there! This is my first blog post and I can’t lie I’m extraordinarily excited.

I’m Jessie and I’m from the UK and, to start this blog off, I thought I’d do a classic 10 facts about me post. Here goes!

  • I am 5 feet 5 inches tall, which is taller than my friends so they hug me for shelter from rain and cold in the winter. I also enjoy the slight pleasure from patting them on the heads as I walk past them
  • I have four favourite colours, and two of them are technically from the same family but they’re different okay. They are key lime green, mint green, pastel yellow and turquoise.
  • I am a feminist, and before you start yelling about how I “hate men” I will be doing a whole separate post on feminism and why I believe in it as a movement.
  • A quote I try to live by (sorry in advance for the language) is “Do no harm but take no shit”. It just sums up how you should treat people, and it’s message is simple; don’t be rude or vindictive towards people for no reason but do not hesitate to stand up for yourself if they do so to you.
  • My zodiac sign is Leo and I love astrology, especially how spooky accurate some of its predictions can be. I actually plan to do some research into it over the summer and learn more about the signs individually.
  • I share a birthday with Lisa Kudrow, Glozell Green and Arnold Schwarzenegger (if you can guess when that is then congratulations you can successfully use google).
  • I can happily say I am terrible at maths. Happily because I can do maths that is necessary as opposed to the maths I’ve studied for GCSE (its hella hard, I’m serious some A-Level material has been brought into the new paper!!), plus I prefer the more creative subjects like art and english.
  • My favourite game is probably either the Sims 4 or The Walking Dead Telltale Game; yet I haven’t bought either since they came out and have only watched walk-throughs online. To be honest I love all telltale games though, they always put a good spin on a pre-existing show or movie, and the Sims 4 has such in-depth design features not to mention that you can have complete creative liberty within the game.
  • One of my biggest fears is the dark, which contributes to a secondary fear of going blind. Just being unable to see paired with the anticipation that something is going to grab me (thanks Walking Dead) makes me feel really tense. In a close second is a fear of sudden loud noises, and that is wholly because I hate how they catch you off guard and raise your heart rate/adrenaline level, causing me to shake with panic.
  • My favourite Disney movies are Tangled, The Princess and the Frog and Big Hero 6; because they all portray different issues in a way that is easily understandable to children. Tangled showcased the issues of having overprotective/strict parents, The Princess and the Frog illustrates the poverty gap of 1920s America as well as the difficulties those in poverty need to overcome to achieve their dreams, and Big Hero 6 publicised grief and depression as a real issue on top of having diverse characters that enhanced the story with their individual traits and personalities. Well, that’s what I think they exhibit at least; its all down to opinion really.

(Look at these gorgeous GIFs people, stunning)

So that’s ten things that you now know about me, I hope you liked this post because this is the kind of content you’ll be seeing within this blog. Trust me, I even have a list of potential post ideas so there is always something half-written in my mind.